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Distant Healing Synopsis and Distant Healing Research

a. A Randomized Double-Blind Study of the Effect of Distant Healing in a Population with Advanced AIDS. Sicher, F., Targ, E., Moore, D., & Smith, H.S. Western Journal of Medicine. 169: 356-363, 1998.


In one of the finest scientific experiments ever done on distant healing, a 6-month study worked with 40 AIDS patients. Each patient knew that it was possible that distant healing efforts might be directed at them (the experimental condition) or not (the control condition). The study was "double-blind," meaning neither patients nor the doctors treating them had any knowledge of whether that patient was in the experimental or control condition. Patients were matched on a number of factors to ensure than any differences found between experimental and control conditions were not due to extraneous factors (for example, one wouldn't want all the experimental patients to be younger or have fewer symptoms than patients in the control condition).

Prior to beginning attempts at distant healing, each participant in the study was subjected to a battery of objective tests, such as CD4 count, measures of psychological distress, physical symptoms, and quality of life measures.

Forty distant healing practitioners participated. The criterion for participation included 5 years of regular, ongoing healing practice, previous healing at a distance experience with at least 10 patients, and previous experience with healing patients with AIDS. The actual healers used in the study had an average of 17 years experience with an average of 106 distant healing patients.

At the end of 6 months, patients in the distant healing group (1) had gotten significantly fewer new AIDS-defining illnesses; (2) showed lower illness severity; (3) required significantly fewer doctor visits; (4) required significantly fewer days of hospitalization; and (5) showed significantly better mood than control patients.

It should be noted that the healers used in this study "included healers from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Native American and shamanic traditions as well as graduates of secular schools of bioenergetic and meditative healing."



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